Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The Moon - S/T

The mysterious Moon, a bit of a Los Angeles pop supergroup, for all those Beach Boys fans who wonder what became of the 'lost' BB David Marks between stints in the group, here is a part of the story: The Moon were David Marks, garage punk legend Matthew Moore, David Jackson, late of Hearts & Flowers, and Larry Brown, who had drummed with Davie Allen, King of Fuzz, and played on every exploitation soundtrack out of the Mike Curb closet.

Signing to Hollywood's Imperial Records label, they were given Carte Blanche to do what the hell they wanted in the studio, and two excellent albums Without Earth and The Moon resulted--prime Psych fuelled soft pop with a weird edge. Imperial's slow collapse into the United Artists empire doomed them as it did many artists to a lack of promotion. Indeed, their one and only photoshoot was found in a skip by David Marks' mother (who worked at UA) along with promos of everyone from Eddie Cochran to Jackie De Shannon to Kim Fowley. When they cleared an office, they cleared an office!

The Moon recorded two albums in 1968-69 that were both heavily influenced by the British invasion sound of the Beatles. The Moon, while losing a lot of the Beatles' orchestrated psychedelic touches, did retain the more soulful side of the late 60s brand of Beatles' pop (think Paul McCartney and his piano led songwriting style coupled with his angsty lead vocals).

Sadly neither of the two albums by The Moon caused much of a stir at the time, mainly due to the lack of promotions on the part of their label, Imperial Records. After the second album fizzled, the various members of The Moon decided to call it quits and they all headed onto more lucrative pastures - leaving the Moon's recording output to languish in obscurity.



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